Teenage Drivers

Your teen getting their license is a milestone—for them and for your insurance. Until your new driver gains experience on the road, make sure they are protected.

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I put specific values on older cars with lower mileage?

Yes, up to $10,000

Is it worth my time to combine my home, auto, side by side, boat, motorcycle, life insurance?

Yes, each policy that you combine together has a certain percentage in discounts that is added to each policy.  Home/Auto being the biggest discount available.

How are claims handled?

Claims are a very simple process.  You call the claims number 1-800-435-7764, open a claim, they in return fill me in via email with accident details.  You figure out where you're taking your vehicle, or who is coming in to repair home damages. Very simple. Please keep me in the loop.  If you have any concerns, I will follow up with claims.

Will my insurance premium change drastically when I add my teenage driver to the policy?

Teenage drivers are a very high risk. However, if your child maintains a 3.0 or better, it could save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.  We do very well with teenage drivers.

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